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Aeren is a team of passionate experts, artists and craftsmen specialized in custom bronze work. With 3 decades worth of expertise in bronze art, our team has proudly created more than 10 000 sculptures including famous public monuments, memorial plaques and other pieces of art across Canada. Trusting Aeren with your personalized bronze art is a guarantee of high-quality work and a remarkable experience. We allow each individual to live their own unique experience throughout the process. Whether you have a visual image in mind or you are looking for inspiration to personalize your bronze art, you can share your thoughts directly with one of our artists. The artist then uses his/her talent, artistic sensibility and expertise to capture the essence and detail of the bronze work you are looking for, creating a flawless work of art that meets with your specific expectations.

From personalized urns and bronze plaques to customized artistic statues, busts, monuments or any other bronze craftwork, we are dedicated to excellence and fueled by creativity, regardless of the size of your order. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts.

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